Signing a Contract



This tender Price Includes delivery, installation and VAT.
- A DEPOSIT as indicated on the Tender document is required before work is to be scheduled. Balance will be payable after installation within 7 days.
- Client will arrange for ALL electricity and any plumbing required. We are not registered plumbers or electricians. 
- After final measurements or templates the price will be adjusted accordingly.
- Please ensure that the client/representative will be available and present at time of templates.
- ALL APPLIANCES TO BE ON SITE AT TIME OF TEMPLATES. Should the client fail to arrange for all appliances(sink, hob, prep bowls, basins, taps, power docs. etc.) that require any cut outs, a R900.00 excl call out fee will be charged and TEMPLATE DATE and INSTALLATION DATE WILL BE RESCHEDULED.  Alternatively a detailed specification sheet must be supplied by client. The client takes responsibility if the specification sheet does not match the appliances.
- Joints will be discussed on site, but Rock & Stone Works Pty(LTD) may change the joints to get the best slab usage possible at their own discretion.
- Unless otherwise specified the price excludes the cost for polished cut outs for underslung basins. 
- Cutouts of dropin sinks, hob etc are left on site. If the client wants cheese boards or any manufacturing done to offcutts it will be an extra cost.

- As GRANITE is a natural product, consistency in color and texture is not guaranteed. Natural intrusions, fissures etc. may occur.
- Different batches of Engineered stone and Porcelain in the same colour can differ. 

- This quotation is valid for 7 days. 
- The client/representative must ensure that they are available after installation to check work done within 24 hours after installation is completed.
- Rock & Stone Works Pty(LTD) will not be held responsible for any problems not reported within 24 hours from installation including cracks, chips and stains on natural stone.
- Rock & Stone Works Pty(LTD) will commence with work after receipt of the proof of Deposit payment.
- If the client wants to open an account with Rock & Stone Works Pty(LTD) a credit application will apply.  Contact us for more details.