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Signing a Contract


  • Rock and Stone pricing, unless otherwise specified, includes VAT, templates (measurements) and installation.

  • The price is subject to change after final site measurement / templates.

  • All goods remain the property of Rock & Stone Works (PTY) Ltd until full and final payment is received.

  • This quotation is valid for a period of 7 days from date of issue.

  • Payment of the deposit is considered acceptance of this quote, payment terms and conditions of sale.

  • Granite, marble and quartzite are natural materials and is subject to a wide range of variations including consistancy of colour & texture.

  • Certain materials in particular natural stone are supplied subject to being filled and repaired where necessary.

  • It is the responsibilty of the client to ensure adequate support for all cut outs in the stone. Rock and Stone will not be held liable for any form of damages as a result of inadequate support.

  • Joints will be discussed on site. Rock & Stone Works (PTY) Ltd may change the joints to get the best slab usage possible at their own discretion.

  • Cut-outs of drop-in sinks, hob etc are left on site. Any form of manufacturing & fabrication done to cut-outs will be at an extra cost.

  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all appliances (sink, hob, prep bowls, basins, taps, power docs. etc.) must be on site at the time of templating & installation. In the event where the appliaces is not on site the client may supply a specification sheet. Rock and Stone (PTY) Ltd will not be held liable if the specifications sheet does not match the appliances.

  • It is the responsibility of the client to arrange all plumbing and electrical requirements unless otherwise specified. Rock and Stone Works (PTY) Ltd is not a registered plumber of electrician and do not accept any responsibility in that regard.

  • Any defect must be drawn to our attention within 3 days of installation.

  • The client waives any rights to claim for defects 3 days after installation.

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